Links 7/17/18

Links for you. Science:

The downfall of Theranos, from the journalist who made it happen
Heat Check: Extreme heat kills more than a hundred New Yorkers yearly. Here’s how the city’s tackling the problem in a warming world.
Potential DNA damage from CRISPR has been ‘seriously underestimated,’ study finds
Scientist Loses Award After Acceptance Lecture Featured Students in Bikinis
An 11-million-ton iceberg is threatening a tiny village in Greenland


Bourdain Confidential
Metro Reasons: WMATA’s union has authorized its leaders to call a strike (best explainer I’ve seen so far)
What will the footpath of the future look like?
Amazon’s Curious Case of the $2,630.52 Used Paperback (maybe it’s a way to engage in low-level money laundering?)
Our homes don’t need formal spaces: The entertaining rooms meant to make us social actually foster isolation
Has Mueller Caught the Hackers? (to my fellow lefties, priors are not inviolate…)
Jewish Historical Society Oral History Project
Worker wages drop while companies spend billions to boost stocks
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Historic Win and the Future of the Democratic Party
Why the myth of a perfect meritocracy is so pernicious
This Is the Moment of Truth for Republicans
“Do We Want the Government in This Business at All?”
The Worst Case Scenario Has Been Obvious for a While
The Republicans Will Save Us
ANC6B Says Historic District Designation Process Does Not Serve District Residents
Hidden Herstory: The Leesburg Stockade Girls

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2 Responses to Links 7/17/18

  1. Bob Michaelson says:

    Crazy book prices on Amazon were described and explained years ago. They result from very poorly designed pricing algorithms, with no human intervention in setting the individual prices.

  2. doug says:

    Prices on Amazon, not just for books, must be the result of yet another aspect of the company’s massive incompetence. I’ve come to the conclusion the whole ship hasn’t gone under simply because it somehow manages to get a few things right. I have seen all sorts of stuff, mostly from third-party vendors, that is priced vastly above anything anyone sensible would ever pay.

    I watched a pair of splinter forceps on in the “markdowns and deals” section. Nice forceps, worth about $25 Canadian, at the most. They caught my interest when they were priced at about $2000. I watched over the course of several weeks as this “clearance” item rose to 4, 5, 6, 8 thousand. The peak, at least such a I noticed, was ten thousand four hundred and some dollars – and seven cents. Today they are priced at a mere $889.71, with the note “Only 2 left in stock – order soon.” – same as when I first saw them months ago.

    I’ve purchased clearance items where there were several in stock. Within minutes to hours of my purchase, I’ve seen the price on the remaining stock increase by a factor of 2, 3, 4, 10. This is the rule, not the exception. Then the price slowly drifts back down. Massive, massive incompetence.

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