Links 5/8/20

Links for you. Science:

What the Coronavirus Models Can’t See (accessible to non-scientists; absolute must-read)
NIH’s axing of bat coronavirus grant a ‘horrible precedent’ and might break rules, critics say
How Coronavirus Mutates and Spreads (very good for non-specialists)
Scientists know ways to help stop viruses from spreading on airplanes. They’re too late for this pandemic.
Famed Chincoteague ponies have died because of swamp cancer outbreak. A new vaccine may be helping.


George W Bush paved the way for Trump – to rehabilitate him is appalling (excellent)
We Can’t Afford to Lose the Postal Service. Republican leaders have long tried to kill the U.S.P.S. Now the coronavirus is helping.
The Economy Will Not Open Up Without a Credible Plan to Address the Public Health Crisis
The Three Most Likely Scenarios to Defeat the Coronavirus
How ‘Never Trumpers’ Crashed The Democratic Party
How Neoliberalism Destroyed Capitalism
The Puzzling Questions of the Coronavirus: A Doctor Addresses 6 Questions That Are Stumping Physicians
Because of ranked choice voting, Arlington Dems select Takis Karantonis for county board (don’t care about the particular results, but the analysis is interesting)
A Post-Pandemic Reality Check for Transit Boosters
Washington, DC, Just Made It Easier to Ride Transit, But Will Riders Return?
We Are Moving Confidently and Proudly Into Mass Death
Was Sundance a “First Petri Dish” of Coronavirus in the States? (I’m thinking not so much maybe, but interesting)
Coronavirus Locations: COVID-19 Map by County and State
Trump officials’ dysfunction harms delivery of coronavirus drug
Pandemic Therapy for the 1 Percent: More Money, Different Problems (“She’s so high-profile that she can’t be left alone and requires bodyguards. Yet she doesn’t socially distance from them, insists on going out regularly for drives, and won’t wear a mask. Two of her security team have quit… “She’s a bit selfish, but it’s more that she doesn’t really understand the direness of the situation. She is an on-and-off substance abuser, too, who might be high when all these people are quitting [their jobs] around her… We had a nurse who used to go and do her substance abuse testing every morning—you know, draw her blood and take her urine. She just quit, too, because my client wouldn’t respect social distancing. Now we’re desperately trying to hire someone else to go there.”)
We’ll Know Better Next Time
“Like a Bully at the Lunchroom”: How the Federal Government Took Control of the PPE Pipeline
Doctors lambaste federal process for distributing Covid-19 drug remdesivir
Harris, Sanders, Markey propose $2,000 monthly payments amid coronavirus pandemic
Here’s What D.C.’s Neighborhood-Level Coronavirus Numbers Do—And Don’t—Tell Us
Bet you can’t name all these DC neighborhoods

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