Joshua Chamberlain Just Rolled Over in His Grave

Lest there be any confusion that the Confederate flag is about ‘heritage’, an outgoing Republican member of Maine House of Representatives, would like to set you straight (boldface mine):

An outgoing Republican lawmaker who sits on the Lincoln Town Council has shared — and since deleted — a Facebook meme that features the Confederate battle flag and challenges friends on the social media platform to repost the image.

In the meme, which Rep. Sheldon Hanington, R-Lincoln, shared from another Facebook page called “The Brotherhood,” the Rebel flag is shown beneath a written message stating that “we will not back down from our heritage,” according to a screen grab provided to the BDN.

Hanington did not respond to a phone call or emails seeking comment about the post, which was first reported by the Lincoln News.

In an email to that local newspaper, Hanington said that he is “most definitely NOT a racist” and the “meme did not incinuate [sic] that at all. It just said that those with heritage to this flag should fly it proudly.”

Hanington, a U.S. Army veteran, then went on to say that he served alongside “dozens of colored comrades that were from the south” who “were proud” of the Confederate flag, according to the email, which was shared with the BDN.

Good thing his “dozens of colored comrades” can protect him from incinuations that he’s a racist. What I never understand about dopes like this who aren’t from the South is why they claim this as part of their heritage, especially someone from the state of Gen. Joshua Chamberlain. Though sixty years after his heroism, Maine became a hotbed of Klan activity*, and some stains are just hard to remove, I suppose.

Lots of people who need a swastika for their peculiar ideology.

*To a considerable extent, Klan activity in the 1920s in Maine was motivated by anti-Semitism and anti-Catholicism, but bigotry, like all forms of corruption, rarely stays contained–and it’s not like the Klan wasn’t clear about their views about Black people.

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