Time To Stack The Court

Conservative Matt Lewis offers some bracing honesty to conservatives (boldface mine):

What (aside from a desire to put country ahead of party) is stopping the next Democratic president with a Democratic Senate majority—say, Elizabeth Warren—from simply packing the Supreme Court? There’s nothing written in stone that says there has to be nine Supreme Court justices any more than there is anything saying you need 60 votes to confirm a judge, or that the Senate should have to vote on—or even consider—a president’s high court nominee.

Granted, after Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack the court in 1937, the blowback served to chasten future presidents. But so many of our World War II assumptions have recently been questioned with impunity. Why not this one? This is something that all Americans, but especially conservatives, should worry about.

Nothing could stop Democrats. And Democrats should do exactly that. Having done so, then they should offer a plan which has been bandied about, where a justice is appointed every two years, and they shuffle off the court. But before we compromise, there must be reparations. Stack the court.

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