Links 7/1/18

Links for you. Science:

35,000 papers may need to be retracted for image doctoring, says new paper
Vox Says Hyenas Are Feminist; Hyenas Say “What’s Feminism?”
7 Fascinating NC Arthropods (That You’ve Never Heard Of)
America is running out of OB/GYNs
How we discovered three poisonous books in our university library


The party of Donald Trump has the gall to complain that someone else is being uncivil
The Democratic Governor of New Jersey wants a tax hike on millionaires. Democrats are blocking him.
D.C.: The Lies That Charter Advocates Tell
Trump treats politics like a knife fight. Democrats can’t pretend it’s a garden party.
The Kennedy, Kushner, and Trump Connection: A Curious Conversation and A Business Deal
I had a bit of an app addiction. Until these apps saved me.
Seeking a split from ICE, some agents say Trump’s immigration crackdown hurts investigations and morale
I Killed the Chili Pepper on Rate My Professor
Livid Over Aide’s Testimony, Pruitt Tried To Ruin Her Future Job Prospects
Tensions rise between D.C. police, group that gathers in Northeast neighborhood
The Legacy of Barbara Madeloni
Millennials Are Happiest in Cities
It’s not just about abortion: Without Kennedy, birth control could be next
‘If They’re Putting Babies in Cages, What Will They Do To Us?’
Death on foot: America’s love of SUVs is killing pedestrians
“Pro-tip: if you are going to break the law I would recommend not doing so while driving your car that has the license plate Ward 2 Council Member”

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