Links 6/24/18

Links for you. Science:

In 2018, there is no excuse for topless dancers at a corporate event (not misplaced)
The Trump administration is committing violence against children (again, not misplaced; this is a health crisis as well)
Nursery For Giant Manta Rays Discovered In Gulf Of Mexico
Why the Medical Research Grant System Could Be Costing Us Great Ideas
Trump’s move to redefine water rule threatens wetlands banks


Kill the Hastert Rule – A Pedophile’s Indefensible Rule Harms America (and I’ve argued Senate Democrats need an inverse-Hastert Rule)
The Growth of America’s Militarized Law Enforcement System, a Product of a War Economy
Documents Show Construction Debacle Jeopardizes Homeless Shelter Replacement Plan
The King and Queen of Cruelty
There’s no immigration crisis, and these charts prove it
About a quarter of D.C. Public Schools teachers lack required certification
Trump Family Faceplants as They Dive Into the Immigration Debate
How Medicare for all could save the American health-care system
The real hoax about the border crisis
Elon Musk Has Made Me Mad
Russia and the NRA Is a Match Made in Trumpland (“However, it’s plain that the Trump campaign was simply another vehicle through which the Russian kleptocracy could launder its money.”)
Charter schools damage public education
This Nation Is Beginning to Realize the Full Extent of What It Did to Itself in November 2016
Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu Just Played Audio of Crying Migrant Children on the House Floor
More and more, the rich avert their gaze from Boston’s poor. But they will be seen
We advised federal officials on ethics for years. Scott Pruitt shocks us.
Social Security, HUD act on Trump’s orders in move to emasculate unions
‘When are Republicans going to stand up to Trump? Never.’ Here’s why
This is how Putin buys influence in the West

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