Links 6/18/18

Links for you. Science:

Africa’s oldest and most unusual trees are mysteriously dying
Shouting ‘Fire!’ in the Burning West
NIH Ginther Fail: Do the ersatz reviews recapitulate the original reviews?
‘Shocking’ die-off of Africa’s oldest baobabs
The culture of “the lab that socializes together” enables the predators


ICE Came for a Tennessee Town’s Immigrants. The Town Fought Back.
The Other Evidence of a Trump-Russia Conspiracy
Chart of the Day: Blue-Collar Wages Are Down Under Trump
Incarcerating Kids is a Lucrative Business
Trump’s Genius Is His Entertaining Idiocy
Death by a Thousand Cuts
NFL Owners Don’t Fear Trump, They Fear Their Own Players
Internal CIA Docs: ‘Enhanced Interrogation’ Is Torture
While Trump Trashes US Allies, China Seizes the Future
Replacing the NYC Subway System With Autonomous Cars Is a Terrible Idea
Instead of Trump’s propaganda, how about a nice ‘truth sandwich’?
Harvard Rated Asian-American Applicants Lower on Personality Traits, Suit Says
The West Will Die So That Trump Can Win
Critics question influence of airline travel perks on Congress (if they don’t travel like the rest of us, then they don’t understand the problems)
‘It wasn’t supposed to be a rape scene’: Why are pornographers getting away with on-camera assault?
Spare me the calls for civility – President Trump deserves our rage (anger is the appropriate emotion)
Antitrust law never envisioned massive tech companies like Google
How Purdue Pharma Hooked America on a Deadly Drug
Visiting The Hospital In Canada
Pruitt faces revolt in Trump country: Ethanol, not ethics, is prompting Republicans across the Midwest to protest the EPA chief and call for his firing. (though the ethanol subsidy is bad)

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