D.C. Election Endorsements

As usual, my endorsements affect my vote (probably) and no one else’s, but there’s a D.C. primary election tomorrow–which stands in for the general in D.C., so go vote. Before I get to the candidates and Initiative 77, there’s a general point/endorsement. Many of the positions are for party officials.

Within the Democratic Party, there are two major slates, both of which have ridiculous names, “Democrats Moving Forward #Resist” and “Dump Trump-Dems4Action”. Definitely need to work on the branding… Anyway, the Dump Trump-Dems4Action is stronger on policy (openly supports Initiative 77, and is not discussing overriding the will of the voters if it passes). As importantly, it’s not the same group of party apparatchiks that has run the party into the ground (two positions are for seats on the national committee). Within the D.C. party, we need new blood. One of the things I see quite vividly, having moved back from the Northeast, is that much of the D.C. political establishment still thinks it’s 1994, and the biggest problem the city faces is Marion Barry’s profligate spending. It’s not though, and we need new blood who have an instinctive understand of the problems of 2018. So I’m supporting the Dump Trump-Dems4Action slate.

With that said, let’s endorse some shit:

Initiative 77: Vote Yes. I’ve discussed why elsewhere, but I’ll add that the debate has been about customers, owners, and workers. Meanwhile, business rents are sky high–and need to drop.

Mayor: No endorsement. Bowser would build a sacrificial pit to Moloch if Fort Myer Construction asked her to. Also, many of the educational scandals at this point can’t be blamed on Michele Rhee–Bowser owns them. That said, Johnson is a businessman with no experience, and Butler, while having a good platform, has had legal problems in the past. None of the challengers are so ironclad on policy that these problems should be overlooked.

Chairman of the Council: Ed Lazere. Lazere has lots of policy chops (he runs a policy think tank that focuses on D.C.). He is pro-Initiative 77, and, unlike Mendelson, better comprehends the policies that the D.C. of 2018, not the one of the 1990s, needs. Mendelson wouldn’t be bad, but Lazere would be better.

At-Large Member: Marcus Goodwin. Slight better than Anita Bonds on policy, and we need some new blood. Bonds wouldn’t be bad though.

All those damn committee members: Dump Trump-Dems4Action. In tens years, they might be out of date, but, as I discussed above, the city needs new blood, and stronger progressives.

You can find your polling place here.

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