Links 5/14/18

Links for you. Science:

Experimental Evolution as a High-Throughput Screen for Genetic Adaptations
U.S. Cities Are Losing Tree Cover Just When They Need It Most
Machine learning identifies signatures of host adaptation in the bacterial pathogen Salmonella enterica
How a Special Diet Kept the Knights Templar Fighting Fit
The Last Days of the Blue-Blood Harvest


Want To Understand Straight Incels? Talk To This Gay One.
This Political Scientist Says the Left Needs to Battle for Democracy As Viciously as the Right Fights for Power
How Amazon Is Holding Seattle Hostage
This man runs a federal agency near Washington — from his home in Dallas (“Perhaps if you came to the office more than three days a month and got your briefing more than two days in advance of our meeting, we’d be able to have discussions about issues in a timely fashion.”)
‘Where do I go now?’ In D.C., fear as a decrepit homeless shelter is finally closing.
Billionaires Have Too Much Political Power
Mar-a-Lago isn’t the ‘Winter White House.’ It’s just an embarrassing cash grab.
America Continues to Ignore the Risks of Election Hacking
Walking Away from Iran Deal Won’t Get Trump a Better Deal. With Iran or North Korea
Why did Columbus Nova register websites aimed at young white supremacists?
The United States Is a Country That Tortures People
Another Trump Mystery: What Really Happened to the Inauguration Money?
Politico Playbook Can Fuck Right Off
Politico Had a Good Run, But It’s Back to Tiger Beat on the Potomac
Do not, under any circumstance, take your kids out of the car in front of cheetahs inside a game preserve.
The servile D.C. media

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