The Difference Between The District And Washington

Or as it’s known in some regional dialects, Wor-Shing-Tun (boldface mine):

People often say that Washington, D.C., as a whole is an awful, corrupt town, but that’s not really true. Much of it is quite pleasant, and most residents are not corrupt political hacks — indeed, even today a plurality of the population is still working- and middle-class black people. Instead, D.C. is home to some self-dealing creeps — the worst, most amoral social-climbing careerists in the country (and many of them actually live in Maryland or Virginia). The wretched correspondents’ dinner is only worthwhile as a sort of thermometer into the moral debauchery of that group. The diagnosis is not promising.

It is, to a considerable extent, a company town, where the company is the federal government. But most ‘government people’ aren’t political operatives, but employees working for various government agencies. While that leads to a paucity of ‘outside the box’ types (they are the box), they are, by and large, appalled by corruption, especially when it affect their ability to do their jobs (e.g., EPA workers).

Also, mumbo sauce is awesome.

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