Links 5/6/18

Links for you. Science:

Why Bronze Age steppe people replaced the farmers they conquered
‘Like a horror movie’: my day in a Chinese cockroach factory
CRISPR-based diagnostic SHERLOCK optimized for rapid use during viral outbreaks and pandemics
The Hunt for Wonder Drugs at the North Pole
Congress’s Only Physicist Explains What’s at Stake for Science This Year


The Absent Professor: A Key Trump-Russia Intermediary Has Been Missing for Months, as the Case for Collusion Grows Stronger (“But as I’ve dug deeper into the evidence made public so far, I have become convinced that the case for collusion is much stronger than I thought.”)
I don’t think abortion is murder, and neither do you
All the Disquiet on the Midwestern Front
Rural Kansas is dying. I drove 1,800 miles to find out why
Is The DCCC Doing Anything Wrong? It Would Be Easier To Ask If They’re Doing Anything Right
The case for raising the minimum wage keeps getting stronger
Norway has built what may be the world’s most beautiful public toilet (THIS IS THE FUTURE LIBERALS WANT)
Can the radicalization of ‘incels’ be stopped?
Why Incels Hate Women
Pimps Are Preying on Sex Workers Pushed Off the Web Because of FOSTA-SESTA
Ron Perlman Takes No Prisoners: Trump Is a ‘Cardboard Cutout Piece of Shitfuck’
ICE held an American man in custody for 1,273 days. He’s not the only one who had to prove his citizenship
The Corporate Plan to Groom U.S. Kids for Servitude by Wiping Out Public Schools
ICE Has Reportedly Mistakenly Arrested and Released Hundreds of American Citizens
Our landlord came and gifted us with conceptual art.
40% of Americans spend up to half of their income servicing debt

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