Links 5/5/18

Links for you. Science:

Famed cancer biologist allegedly sexually harassed women for decades
Scott Pruitt’s New Rule Could Completely Transform the EPA
What Happens When Geneticists Talk Sloppily About Race
The EPA Is Acting Like Big Tobacco
Restaurants are too freaking loud. This app helps you shame them.


Conservatives Will Never Get the Respect They Crave. They Don’t Deserve It. (must-read)
The NYT Gets the Finland Basic Income Story Wrong
Today in American Ethnic Cleansing
I love that all animals are friends with capybaras and scientists’ best explanation is “they’re very social animals,” which still doesn’t explain why they’re CHILL WITH LITERALLY EVERYTHING
American Jews Have Abandoned Gaza — And The Truth
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The DC Public Charter School Board Knew One of D.C.’s Oldest Charters Was Financially Troubled and Didn’t Intervene
Gillibrand’s post office banking bill bypasses years of careful, quiet work to kill payday lending
Exonerating Bad Economic Policy For Trump’s Victory
Why Ordinary Americans Reject Architectural Ideologues
Why politicians should promise every American a job
The Silence of Kevin Williamson
Remembering a past many Americans would rather forget
Dems’ Job Guarantee Isn’t Nearly as Easy as It Sounds
Let’s talk, a la Kevin Williamson, about how the mainstream media censors journalists whose views it finds inconvenient and uncomfortable. As we saw over the weekend, what genuinely horrifies the Establishment press is anything that speaks real truth to power.
Army investigates 101st Airborne chaplains accused of dismantling on-post programs for Jewish soldiers
From a Portland Craigslist ad in which someone was trying to rehome a capybara.
The Nerds Bring It On Themselves
The Intercept Adds an Editor Who’ll Cover the Democrats’ Future
High-Paying Trade Jobs Sit Empty, While High School Grads Line Up For University
How a South Carolina Prison Riot Really Went Down

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