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It’s Bagmen All The Way Down

Unlike some (oh you whippersnappers!), I do remember Reagan and the two Bush presidencies (BAND NAME!). There was a lot of corruption. But the president was never so personally corrupt. The latest on Il Trumpe’s bagman, Michael Cohen, is astonishing … Continue reading

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Links 4/21/18

Links for you. Science: ‘Sick Joke’: House Agriculture Committee Advances Farm Bill Attacking Environment, Endangered Species Adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census would be disastrous for public health Want To Avoid Unnecessary Antibiotics? Be Careful What Time Of … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It…

…a week of Mad Biologist posts: The Problem With Elected District Attorneys And Now We Know Why Sen. McCaskill Supports D.C. Statehood Why Our Foreign Policy Establishment Is Morally Bankrupt Donald Trump Is A Bagman, Nothing More Flu Vaccination Helps … Continue reading

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Links 4/20/18

Links for you. Science: Should the 5% Convention for Statistical Significance be Dramatically Lower? (good, but Colquhoun’s treatment, to me, is definitive) When Congress boosts the NIH budget midyear weird stuff happens Tracking outbreaks with whole-genome sequencing Congress’ Facebook ignorance … Continue reading

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Boston, “The Future Of Inflation”, And Housing

We come across this statement by the chairman of the Boston Federal Reserve (boldface mine): At a Friday breakfast meeting of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, Boston’s Federal Reserve president Eric Rosengren laid out some of the unique challenges … Continue reading

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Links 4/19/18

Links for you. Science: Hundreds of Huge Sharks Are Gathering in Mysterious Swarms, And Nobody Knows Why Genome Culture: The New Race Riot 200 million eggs recalled after nearly two dozen were sickened with salmonella, officials say A North American … Continue reading

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The Weird Thing About The (Sort Of) Pro-Trump Michael Cohen Commentary

I’ve read several stories about the legal predicament of Il Trumpe’s bagman Michael Cohen, and they all seem to have one weird feature: none of the erstwhile defenders of Trump seem to think Trump is innocent. They discuss if Mueller … Continue reading

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Of Mice And Men And Antibiotic Resistance

A recent mBio paper about bacteria and antimicrobial resistance found its way into the popular press, and, as you might expect, it’s not good. The problem aren’t the data in the paper, but the context (or lack thereof) into which … Continue reading

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Links 4/18/18

Links for you. Science: Denial By A Different Name: It’s Time to Admit That Half-Measures Can’t Stop Climate Change Scientists accidentally create mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles Do Bird-Eating Mice Pose a Danger to Wisdom the Albatross? Did Drinking … Continue reading

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Flu Vaccination Helps

A lot (boldface mine): These high hospitalization rates equated with a substantial influenza burden of illness during the 2016–2017 season with an estimated 30.9 million people getting sick with influenza, 14.5 million going to a health care provider for influenza, … Continue reading

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