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Too Many Offices And Too Little Housing: The Market Is Responding Poorly

A while ago, some asshole with a blog noted this about the D.C. real estate market: But what’s really ridiculous is that, even as the need for office space is declining, we’re building about the equivalent of 1,800 two-bedroom apartments … Continue reading

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Links 4/25/18

Links for you. Science: Move Over, Double Helix: A New Form of DNA Has Just Been Discovered Infinitesimal Odds: A Scientist Finds Her Child’s Rare Illness Stems From the Gene She Studies In a Few Centuries, Cows Could Be the … Continue reading

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The Immoral Minority

When we look at polling numbers, the strong support for Il Trumpe among whites is disturbing (do better, honkysoids!). But this seems to be driven largely by self-identified white evangelicals (boldface mine): Trump’s favorability ratio among white evangelicals now, says … Continue reading

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Links 4/24/18

Links for you. Science: California’s Trees Are Dying At A Catastrophic Rate USDA Should Take Further Action to Reduce Pathogens in Meat and Poultry Products Why Indonesia’s Bajau people can stay submerged under water longer than you or me Evolving … Continue reading

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Sea Of Purple

Observed on T Street NW, between 17th and 18th, Dupont Circle, D.C.:

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Paul Ryan And The Libertarian Con

Though maybe (maybe) #NotAllLibertarians. When it comes to the various forms of batshitloonitarianism, many are familiar with the theocratic wing of the Republican Party, those who believe a Well Regulated Vagina is the best security of a free state. People … Continue reading

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Links 4/23/18

Links for you. Science: African scientists call for more control of their continent’s genomic data Why restaurants became so loud — and how to fight back Ryan Zinke refers to himself as a geologist. That’s a job he’s never held. … Continue reading

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Observed at the corner of Vermont Ave. and R Street, Dupont Circle, D.C.:

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The Waffle House Murderer Did Not Beat Four People To Death With His… Manhood

And if we outlaw penises, then only outlaws will have penises. Or something. Three comments on the Waffle House shooting in Tennessee by a naked gunman with an AR-15. First, we have reached the point where the only way spree … Continue reading

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Links 4/22/18

Links for you. Science: Hooray for Statistics! In encouraging sign, Ebola vaccine appears to provide long-lasting protection Will the Next Superbug Come From Yemen? Ultra-Accurate Clocks Lead Search for New Laws of Physics The Shellfish Gene Other: More and more … Continue reading

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