Links 4/21/18

Links for you. Science:

‘Sick Joke’: House Agriculture Committee Advances Farm Bill Attacking Environment, Endangered Species
Adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census would be disastrous for public health
Want To Avoid Unnecessary Antibiotics? Be Careful What Time Of Day You See Your Doctor
Population dynamics of Escherichia coli in the gastrointestinal tracts of Tanzanian children
A Remedy for Broken Science, Or an Attempt to Undercut It?


Four More Years: The Trump reelection nightmare and how we can stop it (very good)
Democrats to introduce a bill to ‘decriminalize marijuana from one end of the country to the other’
How Veteran Fighter Pilot Tammie Jo Shults Saved Crippled Southwest Flight 1380
‘I Fundamentally Believe That My Time at Reddit Made the World a Worse Place’
This Economist Wants to Change the Meaning of Money
D.C. lawmaker who said Jews control the weather visits Holocaust Museum but leaves early (this fucking guy. It just goes to show that, as I’ve been saying since November 2016, Democrats do have bigots in our party. Occasionally, they erupt)
Trump Could Win the 2020 Election (I don’t think this should be discounted)
Internal memo offers candid postmortem of charter fight in Massachusetts
Indiana students’ scores lag after transferring to charter schools, new study shows
How Your Godawful Contrarian Sausage Gets Made
These Americans are trapped in their jobs: they need to pay $10,000 to quit
Why I became a German citizen, 80 years after escaping the Nazis as a Jewish baby
Trump Is Governing Like A Traditional Republican
A mother’s dispatch from an elementary school lockdown drill
Republican charter school privatization plague infects Puerto Rico. #JuliaGoHome
A Bernie-Branded Millionaire Is Leading the Democratic Race for Governor. He Almost Ran as a Republican, Consultants Say.

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