Links 4/20/18

Links for you. Science:

Should the 5% Convention for Statistical Significance be Dramatically Lower? (good, but Colquhoun’s treatment, to me, is definitive)
When Congress boosts the NIH budget midyear weird stuff happens
Tracking outbreaks with whole-genome sequencing
Congress’ Facebook ignorance triggers calls to revive terminated technology agency
Each tomahawk is the price of a 5 year NIH research grant. (until we get rid of the Budget Control Act, this is unfortunately–and foolishly–correct)


How Tony Podesta, a Washington Power Broker, Lost It All
Fury in Germany as Rap Duo With Anti-Jewish Lyrics Gets Award
The History of White Power
The Untold Story of Jaime Levy, Punk-Rock Cyber-Publishing Pioneer
The ‘Fight Club of Cycling’ Makes Parking Garages Cool Again
Nazi SS veterans hold an annual march in Latvia. Here’s how one woman is fighting back.
China, India grapple with the consequences of too many men
ICE Is a Renegade National Police Force Operating Beyond the Law
Megachurches Are Turning Into MAGA-Churches
Wall Street Is Trying to Embezzle Puerto Rico’s Hurricane-Relief Money
The Bell Curve is about policy. And it’s wrong. (still waiting for the explanation of intra-white gaps…)
This Is What It Was Like Learning To Report Before Fake News Was The Biggest Problem In The World
American Intervention in the Middle East Has Been a 4-Decade Disaster
MySpace Tom beat Facebook in the long run
Let’s pay Trump to leave office
If Trump Fires Rosenstein, This Man Could End Up With Power Over the Russia Investigation
Could the Disappointing 2017 NAEP Scores Be Due to the Great Recession?
Bernie Sanders in the Deep South

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