Links 4/13/18

Links for you. Science:

That Python in the Pet Store? It May Have Been Snatched From the Wild
Bioengineered plants help defend against Ebola and other deadly diseases
Plastic bag taxes really work
Limitations of GCTA as a solution to the missing heritability problem
Missing compared to what? Revisiting heritability, genes and culture


The Invisible Free Speech Crisis: Why is there so much focus on no-platforming at elite universities, when hundreds of colleges across America regularly suppress speech?
Everything That Needs to Change for Women to Finally Get Equal Pay
The Bell Curve is about policy. And it’s wrong.
Inside Puerto Rico’s Plan to Influence the Midterm Elections
Youthful March for Our Lives revives push to lower voting age to 16 in D.C.
Shaun King harassed at border by ICE, questioned about BLM and social media activity.
Roman Roads: A Persistent Effect of Infrastructure on Development
Turning Revulsion Into Votes
Lilly Ledbetter: My #MeToo Moment
What’s a guy gotta do to get impeached in Trump’s out-of-control America?
Remembering the Battle to Integrate Levittown
D.C. Dems Say Equity in Education and Housing Are Their Top Concerns
Make the Confederacy’s Defeat a National Holiday
Teachers in other states are striking. Texas teachers can’t do that.
Tonight, Donald Trump signed an executive order that sums up how little he understands about poverty in America.
In 83 Million Eviction Records, a Sweeping and Intimate New Look at Housing in America
The Civil Rights Law We Ignored

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  1. Don’t we basically know that the microbiome and epigenetics likely confound heritability? We’re on the verge of some breakthroughs showing a certain amount of Lamarkian phenomena, right?

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