The Parkland Survivors Are Exposing The Imaginary Conservative Fallacy

At last count, after an ad hominem attack by far-right Fox News show host and elite racist Laura Ingraham, Ingraham’s show had lost 18 sponsors. She’s a horrible excuse for a human being, so I can’t feel sorry for her, but she must be surprised that bullying a high school student over getting rejected from some colleges is the thing that did her in: she has been so much worse on matters of substance (as opposed to just being a meanie).

In response, some Very Serious Pundits are decrying this, arguing that this is chilling free speech (the Dixie Chicks might have something to say about that…). But that argument, which usually sticks, isn’t this time. The usual smearing of the opposition is failing*, and this time the ugliness is out there for everyone to see. It puts the usual Very Serious Pundit belief of reasonable conservatism–which only can be believed if you don’t follow actual conservatives closely–to the lie. They aren’t the mostly-imaginary reformicons of a few marginal think tanks, but are Palinists, theocrats, radical Ayn Randians, and white nationalists.

The sooner our Very Serious Pundits figure this out–and that this also describes many of the ‘respectable’ Never Trumpers–the better off we’ll be.

*Though some conservatives are now attempting to blame the Parkland massacre on the students, claiming that their bullying led Cruz to explode and murder them. Not only is that disgusting, but it’s also an attempt to muddy up conflate anti-LGBT bullying efforts with avoiding bullies.

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  1. L.D.Dewees says:

    The Randians and their worship of Unfettered Free Market Capitalism are fully in control of the Republican Party and quite a few Democrats seem to be leaning that way. Sad.

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