Links 4/4/18

Links for you. Science:

That “New Organ” Everyone Is Freaking Out About Is Probably Not New
After 3 Decades, Washington State Bans Atlantic Salmon Farms
The EPA ousted science advisers. Now it’s going after the science itself.
Along with the NIH budget hike comes a less welcome large hike in the budget for quackery for the NCCIH
Federal report: High-tide flooding could happen ‘every other day’ by late this century


How Trump favored Texas over Puerto Rico
Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Implicated in Murder
Union Behind The ‘Fight For $15’ Cuts Funding For Local Fast-Food Campaigns
After a flat year, Greater Boston’s rents are starting to rise again
No Wonder Teachers Are Saying Enough Is Enough
Being lucky really is more important than being good
Trump and Brexit Are Symptoms of the Same Failure to Reckon With Racism
‘We’re not budging’: Howard University students continue occupying administration building
Who Actually Benefits From Meals on Wheels?
Five myths about Passover
This doctor was raised to believe abortion was wrong. He’s now an advocate for reproductive rights.
Black Marjory Stoneman Douglas Students Say Police at School Make Them “Feel Like Prisoners”
Federal workers spill on life in Trump’s Washington
A Sign of the Times; or, Fascists R Us
The U.S. Spends Far Too Little on Social Welfare
Tesla Encounters the Material World
Why Some Americans Are Risking It and Skipping Health Insurance

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