The Republican Grift And The Rise Of Il Trumpe

Ryan Cooper makes a very good point about the belated opposition to Il Trumpe (boldface mine):

But that brings me back to the hamfisted incompetence that has characterized the anti-Trump forces from the very start, from Jeb Bush’s pathetic showing to the persistent refusal to see that Ted Cruz was the only primary opponent who could beat Trump. There are many facets of this failure, but a big one was Republican candidates and operatives consistently prioritizing their own personal gains above preventing a Trump victory. Admitting that Bush was a terrible candidate with zero chance of victory would have jeopardized people’s share of the $130 million he spent getting casually obliterated by Trump.

In a way, it’s poetic justice to see the party of individualism and free-market worship stuck with Trump due to excessive self-seeking.

In a very real sense, Jeb! Bush cleared the field for Donald Trump. The final effects of the long Republican grift are being felt. Unfortunately, they might just drag down those of us who aren’t the suckers (hopefully, not).

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One Response to The Republican Grift And The Rise Of Il Trumpe

  1. albanaeon says:

    It was pretty funny watching the party disintegrate because all the primary candidates couldn’t cut their own egos out of it.

    Even more funny to see the Randian philosophy of how a “great man” could rise to the top in any situation by their hard work and self-centeredness really worked out. Some petty blow-hard rose to the top and decimated the rest with a hard core group of fundamentally stupid followers because he was more willing to do things the others couldn’t.

    Who is John Galt? He probably looks a lot like Jeb! and off to the side wondering why his uber-menschness got beaten out by a anthropomorphic yam.

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