Links 2/20/18

Links for you. Science:

Trump’s Science Advisor, Age 31, Has a Political Science Degree
This Scientist Stands Between Scott Pruitt and the Destruction of the EPA’s Advisory Boards
A potentially powerful new antibiotic is discovered in dirt
Fecal transplants move into the mainstream to treat difficult infection
Efficacy of an Optimised Bacteriophage Cocktail to Clear Clostridium difficile in a Batch Fermentation Model


If We Want Kids to Stop Killing, the Adults Have to Stop, Too
Is A Republican-Lite, Pro-NRA Approach Sometimes Needed For A Democrat?
D.C. Auditor Says Schools Chancellor Antwan Wilson Should Be Fired
Deputy mayor resigns after allowing chancellor to bypass school lottery
Jim Brown may have been even better at lacrosse than he was at football
Trump NLRB Smashed Google Guy
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is under investigation for possible collusion with Sinclair Broadcasting
A Change in D.C. Gun Laws Has Restaurants Wondering If They Should Ban Firearms
Does Katie Roiphe Understand What a Sex Panic Is?
Amazon Doesn’t Just Want to Dominate the Market—It Wants to Become the Market
New Discoveries
Want to Help Fight Mass Incarceration? There’s an App for That
Zero Sum
Why Negative Partisanship Is a Good Thing
New Andy Slavitt Project Apparently Rejects Obamacare

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