Note To Anti-LGBTers: This Is How You Conscientiously Object

A Montanan public servant decided to not obey what he considered an unjust directive to help ICE deport immigrants. See if you can find the interesting part! (boldface mine):

As a legal secretary with the department since 2011, Dyrdahl-Roberts was asked this week to assist the Department of Labor and Industry in complying with recent subpoenas.

That was something he called “a step too far” for him….

Wednesday morning when he went into work he clarified that the subpoenas were from ICE, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security.

“I immediately said, ‘I don’t think I can help with that,’” Dyrdahl-Roberts said. “I began talking with management about what the deal was, but I pretty much understood at that point.”

He quickly called his wife and told her about the situation.

“I said I don’t think I can be the one to assist (the department) with the subpoenas,” he said. “She said, without hesitation, she said OK.”

…“There’s a lot going on nationally with the direction of the government as a whole that’s pretty scary for people who are plugged in and paying attention,” he said. “When I was asked to collaborate (by working on the ICE subpoena), I couldn’t.”

…As his 4-year-old child played in the background Thursday, Dyrdahl-Roberts said he understands the department’s legal obligation to comply with a court-ordered subpoena, but said he has a moral obligation not to.

“The conversation was, ‘You understand this is part of your duties, and if you can’t execute your duties you have to quit or be fired.’ I put in my two week’s notice.

Unlike conservative court clerks who want to keep their jobs while not fulfilling their responsibilities, such as issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, Dyrdahl-Roberts understands that if he can’t do the job, then he needs to resign. You don’t get to have it both ways simply because it is inconvenient.

Aside: He originally was accepting donations to a PayPal account, but has now, given the high response, asked people to donate instead to organizations helping Flint, MI, and Puerto Rico.

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