Links 2/18/18

Links for you. Science:

These termite-hunting ants lick the severed legs of their friends to treat them
Brazilian drug dealer kidnaps medical staff, makes them vaccinate community against yellow fever (sub-optimal public health policy…)
Deep in the Grand Canyon, Scientists Struggle to Bring Back the Bugs
Missing ‘special pay’ outrages Public Health Service officers; little explanation, no apology from agency
Missing compared to what? Revisiting heritability, genes and culture


Somewhere in Between (important history)
Theological waccaloons win because they are powered by religious fervor and exhaust normal people
Happy Valentine’s Day. Let’s Pause to Acknowledge How Insane the Stormy Daniels Story Is.
The Russians are coming
Ending the Amazon Hunger Games
Maybe It Was All… A Lie?
Big business is hijacking our radical past. We must stop it
Americans today pronounce some words more like Shakespeare than Brits do… but it’s in 18th-Century England where they’d really feel at home.
Is tech dividing America?
There’s a Pretty Good Chance President Trump Is Being Blackmailed
All The White Supremacists Running For Office In 2018
Spurned in Milton, a race-baiting troll has found acceptance — in Trump’s D.C.
“The Jewish community in the Greater Washington, DC region is the third largest and one of the fastest growing in the United States”
The Tipped Minimum Wage Is Fueling Sexual Harassment in Restaurants
New York Times hired, then quickly unhired, writer who tweeted about befriending neo-Nazis
Will truth win out? Rob Porter’s departure holds a key to effective journalism in the Trump era.
The GOP and Big Lie Politics
The Sublimated Grief of the Left Behind
Ride-Hailing Is Deepening Social and Economic Inequity in the US
Yes, It Really IS Possible To Beat Devin Nunes– Not Easy, Possible
Why do poor Americans eat so unhealthfully? Because junk food is the only indulgence they can afford
Trump Proposes Firing 2,000 Park Rangers
Why America’s Olympic team is an implicit rebuke to Donald Trump

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  1. jrkrideau says:

    Brazilian drug dealer kidnaps medical staff, makes them vaccinate community against yellow fever

    Seems like an advance on US health policy.

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