Links 1/29/18

Links for you. Science:

Trump Administration Rolls Back Protections for Migratory Birds, Drawing Bipartisan Condemnation
It’s the big new idea for stopping climate change — but it has huge environmental problems of its own
With flu hospitalizations up again, MGH turns to Gatorade in place of IVs
Marmots Live Longer When They Are Antisocial
Is there really a Stem skills shortage? Is the UK not producing enough science, technology, engineering and maths talent, or are employers just not appealing enough?


Wither Detroit (excellent)
Poised to make history, Justin Fairfax got a powerful reminder of his own heritage
Facebook And Google’s Surveillance Capitalism Model Is In Trouble
An 89-year-old Holocaust survivor worries: What happens when we’re all gone?
How to work for a president who loathes the civil service
Traveling while black
Houston Is Being Rebuilt on a Foundation of Wage Theft
Here We Go Again; Virginia LG Justin Fairfax Leaves Dais as GOP Senators Extol Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee
Jared Kushner Ordered By Judge To Reveal Names Of Partners In Slumlord Buildings
Cliven Bundy Is a Free Man. His Cows Are Still a Nuisance.
Graduate Student Unions Are Growing — and Fighting for Social Justice
The Dirty War Over Diversity Inside Google
Intersectionality is a Hole. Afro-Pessimism is a Shovel. We Need to Stop Digging (don’t entirely agree, but interesting)
The Problem With Calling Trump a Racist
The Davos non-paradox
San Francisco or Mumbai? UN envoy encounters homeless life in California
‘I won’t fly refugees to their deaths’: The El Al pilots resisting deportation

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