Link 12/3/17

Links for you. Science:

NASA To Test Antibiotic Resistance Of E. Coli Bacteria In Space
Prehistoric women had stronger arms than today’s elite rowing crews (makes you wonder about all that evol. psych. ‘boobies on the savanna’ stuff)
Purdue University Mounted a Child Nutrition Study. It Went Very, Very Wrong.
The flu season gets off to an early start — and may shift into high gear around the holidays
Impact of the colistin resistance gene mcr-1 on bacterial fitness.


Voting at black colleges has tumbled. Can Dems fix the apathy in time for 2018?
Would You Trust This Man and a Network of Private Armies?
So, What Did Flynn Give Mueller?
What Tom Cotton Would Mean for the CIA
The enablers feeding the megalomania
A Simple Fix for Our Massive Inequality Problem
Does D.C. Charter Schools’ Autonomy Come at the Cost of Public Accountability?
Have We Been Lied to About the Kate Steinle Case? (surprising, considering the source)
How the GOP’s Contempt for Democracy Will Pass Trump’s Tax Cuts
‘A tale of decay’: the Houses of Parliament are falling down
The Pence Rule
Money Is Power and Billionaires Can Subvert Democracy
The Kosher Salt Question
Ciao, Chrome: Firefox Quantum Is The Browser Built for 2017
The ‘Pocahontas’ Nonsense Matters
Barely Swimming: Systemic Burdens that Ravage Nurses
Stone Tablets
Is This the End of the NFL?
I’m an ER Nurse from Charlottesville. Let’s talk about Nazis.
The way we calculate population density is wrong. Here’s what we should do instead.

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