What’s It Like To Be Rep. Louis Gomhert’s Staffer?

Recently, Republican congressman Louis Gomhert (R-Crazy Town) used a chart that supposedly demonstrates Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the Uranium One non-scandal. It was so ridiculous, Stephen Colbert spent much of his show mocking it. Here’s the chart:


There’s a ton of absurdities in it:

It’s not actually clear what the lines connecting different things mean. It’s not clear why some of them are green and others are black and dotted.

It’s not clear why “Hillary Clinton Emails” and “Hillary Clinton Secret Server” are different things, or why they’re not connected. It’s not clear why the words “Obama” and “Mueller” are on there twice, or why the first mention isn’t connected to the second. It’s not clear why Bill and Hillary Clinton, who are right next to each other, are not connected by any sort of line (green, dotted, or otherwise).

A lot of things aren’t clear about the chart — other than that it’s hilarious. A member of Congress actually held this up while the attorney general was testifying!

Here’s what I’m wondering. Gomhert obviously didn’t make the chart himself. He had a staffer do it. What’s it like working for Gomhert? Are his staffers also batshitloonitarians? Do they just view working for him as a stepping stone to a ‘more serious’ office (and just roll their eyes while doing this)? Presumably, multiple people were involved in creating the figure, and… none of them said, “This is a really bad idea.” Congressmen typically don’t have really stupid people working for them (they can be breathtakingly ignorant, but they’re not stupid).


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  1. Mike Hutchison says:

    The word for “idiot” is spelled Gohmert, not Gomhert. I’ll proofread your shit for a very small fee.

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