Links 11/24/17

Links for you. Science:

Florida let hepatitis C go untreated in prisons. Now it may cost taxpayers millions.
Trump’s health secretary pick helped raise insulin prices 325 percent (it’s a real problem for diabetics)
Pathogen-mediated selection in free-ranging elk populations infected by chronic wasting disease
Questioning Evolution: The Push to Change Science Class (good, though, unless you’re doing the philosophy or history of science, it’s evolutionary biology, not “Darwinism”)
Biology’s beloved amphibian — the axolotl — is racing towards extinction


Donald Trump’s FCC is a Clear and Present Danger to Democracy
Sweet Little Lies
My mother spent her life passing as white. Discovering her secret changed my view of race — and myself.
De Blasio’s $21 billion revolution: Adding up the value of what the mayor has delivered to ordinary working New Yorkers
Trump’s administration is right to block the AT&T and Time Warner merger
Harvey Weinstein’s Secret Settlements
We surveyed 112 Puerto Rican funeral homes to check the accuracy of the hurricane death toll. This is what we found.
The Republican War on College
The Blockchain Might Scare the Gig Economy to Death
Thoughts about the Job Guarantee: A Reply
D.C. tuition aid program facing cut by federal lawmakers
Airbnb becomes flash point in the District’s hot debate over gentrification
America is about to kill the open internet – and towns like this will pay the price
The Bizarre True Story of the Neighborhood Scuffle That Left Rand Paul with Six Broken Ribs
The Vicious Cycle of Losing a Driver’s License Over Court Debt
How Trump’s Hands-Off Approach to Policing Is Frustrating Some Chiefs
Colin Kaepernick and the Legacy of the Negro National Anthem
It’s Not Just the Track That’s Broken

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  1. Ahhhh yes, the experts at the Intercept dropping their keen understanding of banking on us.

    If 5% of babies born in a hospital die, is that a sign that nothing is wrong?

    So… 95% of smaller banks turn a profit! The economy has been growing, non-stop for close to a decade! The number 95% sounds good… but context is everything. Just ask the mother of a dead baby.

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