Links 11/22/17

Links for you. Science:

Discussing sexual misconduct in STEM in our post-Weinstein world (puts the Helgen-Smithsonian conflict in a very different light; odd how this wasn’t mentioned at all in contemporaneous news coverage)
Worst-case scenario: There could be only 30 wild Sumatran rhinos left
How a Glass Terrarium Changed the World
Long-term stability in the gut microbiome over 46 years in the life of Billy Apple®
Study outlines ‘perfect storm’ that led to Colombia’s antibiotic resistance epidemic


Don’t Be So Quick To Expel Roy Moore from the Senate
Sorry. There’s no equivalence between Republicans and Democrats on sexual harassment.
How to Stop the Predators Who Aren’t Famous (what intersectionality really looks like)
Republicans Invent Creative New Way to Punish Liberals Via the Tax Code
The Morality of Politicians
Louis Comfort Tiffany’s Little-Known Forays Into Judaica
The Plot to Loot America’s Wilderness (a former colleague of James Watt’s)
Trump Judicial Nominee Brett Talley Appears to Have Defended “the First KKK” in Message Board Post
The IRS Is Building a Safe to Hold Trump’s Tax Returns
The F.B.I.’s Dangerous Crackdown on ‘Black Identity Extremists’
Models Lured Women to Wall Street Sex Dungeon: Lawsuit (note the enablers)
It Is Time to Impeach the President
Say It Together: Top Incomes Are Being Driven By Capital
The Kids Today
Papadopoulos claimed Trump phone call and larger campaign role (every damn one is a grifter. Every. Single. One.)
Obama Was Bad
Scuffle at Jerusalem’s Western Wall pits American Jews against Netanyahu
The Questionable Math Behind Manafort’s Extravagant Home Renovations
I know Roy Moore. He’s always been a con artist.

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