Links 11/14/17

Links for you. Science:

Goodbye to the Friend I Never Met
How The Black Death Caused Medieval Women To Shrink
Giant coconut crab sneaks up on a sleeping bird and kills it
Can you make a 10-year malt whisky in weeks? The chemistry says yes
Aaron Hernandez suffered from most severe CTE ever found in a person his age


When Everyone Has Health Care
Are Mass Murderers Insane? Usually Not, Researchers Say
New data shows how the Trump administration is destroying the State Department
Twofer! Trump’s latest attack on the free press and the rule o’ law
Senator Bernie Sanders Urges Zimmer to Let Unionization Vote Stand
Rural America’s disappearing maternity care
Why the Democrats Didn’t Do as Well as You Might Think
The Politics of Trump Have Been Repudiated
How Corporations and the Wealthy Avoid Taxes (and How to Stop Them)
I was harassed at the New Republic. I spoke up. Nothing happened.
The GOP tax plan could be the death of Prop. 13
Gary Cohn explains the GOP tax plan: “The most excited group out there are big CEOs”…“We see the whole trickle-down through the economy, and that’s good for the economy.”
The Politico Goes On A Cletus Safari, Finds Two Angry NFL Fans Willing To Say What They Mean
Are affluent Americans willing to pay a little for a fairer society? A test case in Chicago
With Obamacare Fight Lost, Conservatives Turn to Veterans’ Care

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