Links 10/23/17

Links for you. Science:

Trump has taken longer to name a science adviser than any modern president
Why I Get The Flu Vaccine Every Year
Why Has the E.P.A. Shifted on Toxic Chemicals? An Industry Insider Helps Call the Shots
Response to Proposed Update to the NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy’s Access Model for Genomic Summary Results
Oregon Scientist Hunts For New Species In One Man’s Backyard


Rigged: How Voter Suppression Threw Wisconsin to Trump
Who Says ‘No One’s From D.C.’? Not Black Washingtonians
The Dangerous Myth of ‘Taxpayer Money’
Troops of the Uniform Unite! The Military Is a Socialist Paradise!
Is It OK To Punch Nazis?
It’s a Fact: Supreme Court Errors Aren’t Hard to Find
Trump nominee for federal judge thinks Hillary Clinton should be in jail
Washington Post Calls on Democratic Candidate for Governor in Virginia to Stick with Failed NCLB “Reforms”
Lefty College Kids
How Are Things in the World of Neil Gorsuch These Days?
Inside Russia’s alliance with white nationalists across the globe
Abolish the Drug Enforcement Administration
One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end
The Mystery Of Wilbur Ross’ Missing Billions
Colin Kaepernick Was Mocked and Threatened for Taking a Knee. He’s Also Winning.
The Prosecution of Inauguration-Day Protesters Is a Threat to Dissent
Oh, and John Kelly Is an Idiot
It Didn’t Just Start Now: John Kelly Has Always Been a Hard-Right Bully

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