Links 10/13/17

Links for you. Science:

In Harvey’s wake, health officials watch for West Nile and other mosquito-borne diseases
How the Trump Administration is quietly undermining food safety
Ever wondered how starfish walk?
Why Office Buildings Should Run Like Spaceships
Curing the incurable


I Was Blocked From Facebook for Criticizing School Privatization by Steven Singer
Keith Olbermann Says Trump ‘Hates the Puerto Ricans’ (probably does, like many white New Yorkers his age)
How Facebook ads helped elect Trump
University of Wisconsin approves protest punishment policy (aka the Nazi Protection Policy)
Neighbors are not playing when it comes to pumpkin carving.
Conservatives are the real campus thought police squashing academic freedom
The Political Internet Is Made Of White Collar Professionals
It Didn’t Work As Its Proponents Claimed
Harvey Weinstein Types Pervade the Universe
Virginia Is for Haters
Trump tries to weaken federal unions, but membership grows in reaction to GOP actions
Why Do Republicans (and Some Democrats) Vilify Single Payer?
To understand and combat Christian Right Trump support, talk to us ex-Evangelicals.
Making White Nationalism Respectable
Washington Post Misleads on Deficits: Democracy Drowns in Ignorance
This could be a Norman Rockwell painting

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