For Il Trumpe, Mexican Is The New Puerto Rican

I’ve made this point before on the Twitterz, but we’ll outsource the long version to Greg Laden (boldface mine):

Where I grew up, all the white people sorted out and looked down upon each other by closely defined European ethnicity, and all the white people feared and distrusted all the black people, and there was one Japanese guy. But, we knew about, were told about, Puerto Ricans. That was in upstate New York, and New York City had a lot of Puerto Ricans, to the extent that as a child I thought Puerto Rico was an island just a few miles off New York City (because I was told that, don’t know why). White New Yorkers historically disdain Puerto Ricans because people from Puerto Rico represent one of the largest Hispanic groups in that area, or at least, did for many decades, while certain people were growing up and doing business.

To a bigot Trump’s age, Puerto Rican was a common pejorative. That doesn’t mean Trump won’t like ‘the good ones’–bigots often do. But the initial lack of concern for Puerto Rico from the White House wasn’t helped by Trump’s biases.

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  1. Rick Cooley says:

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    President Trump’s consistently disparaging public statements dealing with just about all things Hispanic would appear to bear witness to the veracity of this hypothesis. His tweets on Puerto Rico and actions upon his visit there provide further testimony. What were the paper towels you were tossing to the crowd intended to signify? Give us a break. Over three million US citizens deserve far more consideration than you have provided to date. – RJC

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