Links 10/5/17

Links for you. Science:

The Touch of Madness: Culture profoundly shapes our ideas about mental illness, which is something psychologist Nev Jones knows all too well (must-read)
Trends in Incidence of Cancers Associated with Overweight and Obesity — United States, 2005–2014
Interior Department whistleblower resigns, calling Ryan Zinke’s leadership a failure
Physicists find we’re not living in a computer simulation
Giant pythons keep attacking people in Indonesia — and humans might be to blame


Federal watchdog opens probe into travel by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke
Actually, I do want to take your guns away
Mass Shootings Are A Bad Way To Understand Gun Violence (made the same points here)
America’s most radical gun nuts are the Republicans in Congress
Forget the Paris agreement. The real solution to climate change is in the U.S. tax code.
Cryptos Fear Credit
Undercover At the Bullshit Factory
Las Vegas Official Sets Up GoFundMe to Aid Shooting Victims — the Price of No Universal Health Care
House candidates back single-payer healthcare plan in Virginia
Why Price’s conservative imprint on HHS is likely to endure
No Doubt
Congress just let the program that keeps my daughter alive expire
Republican Exemplifies De Facto Republican Position on Abortion
Terrorism or not? Las Vegas reignites a real — and really important — debate.
Elizabeth Warren is furious at Wells Fargo and thinks you should be too
This is what it’s like to have a president utterly devoid of empathy
They thought they were going to rehab. They ended up in chicken plants

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3 Responses to Links 10/5/17

  1. Bob Michaelson says:

    As theoretical computer scientist Scott Aaronson points out on his well-known blog Shtel-Optimized, “The Simulation Hypothesis has not been falsified”

  2. Lymie says:

    Dan Lyons turns out to be the jerk feeding misogynist stories to the alt-right news.

  3. Gingerbaker says:

    “Actually, I do want to take your guns away”

    Exhibit A in:

    “Stupidly unconstitutional things Democrats can say in order to elect more Republicans”

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