Links 8/28/17

Links for you. Science:

Trump officials rewrite Energy Dept. study to make renewables look bad, fail anyway
Achieving Statistical Significance with Covariates and without Transparency
A Colony of Bats Has Moved Into a Triceratops
NASA may finally be getting a leader—Oklahoma pilot Jim Bridenstine
The Fight Against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Might Start With Vaccines


Fran works six days a week in fast food, and yet she’s homeless: ‘It’s economic slavery’
How Undercover Activists Cost Breitbart, White Nationalist Sites, Their Advertising And Platforms
Democrats are starting a fierce internal debate. Finally.
This region has one of the nation’s largest Salvadoran communities. A federal program puts that in jeopardy.
Remember This: Paul Ryan Is Pandering to Neo-Nazis
An Intimate History of Antifa (doesn’t seem to discuss the 43 Group, arguably one of the most successful anti-fascist groups)
Why those Confederate soldier statues look a lot like their Union counterparts
Social Security: Still The Most Efficient Way To Provide Retirement Income
Don’t Coddle Liberal Politicians Like Kamala Harris—History Shows They Should Be Pressured
Reflections on Galbraith’s New Industrial State, 50 years later
I was detained for protesting Trump. Here’s what the Secret Service asked me.
Three years ago, this boss set a $70,000 minimum wage for his employees — and the move is still paying off.
Trump and Pruitt, Making America Polluted Again
Democracy dies in darkness; summer dies in fog
Is Wall Street About to Take Over Public Education Once and for All?
Study: cities rely more on fines for revenue if they have more black residents
Interview: 20-Year-Old Deandre Harris Speaks Out About Being Assaulted by White Supremacists in Charlottesville, Va.

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