Some Thoughts On Charlottesville

In no particular order:

  1. Nazis murdered someone. That needs to be stated clearly.
  2. The President of the United States was unwilling to condemn white Christian supremacy or Nazis. Nazis. This shouldn’t be surprising, however, as Il Trumpe’s father was arrested for violent Klan activity–in 1927. Just how much of a shithead do you have to be to get arrested in 1927 for Klan activity? Then, in one of his first business moves, Il Trumpe refused to rent to black people. He’s a racist.
  3. While I generally don’t give a fuck what Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump think, they are both Jews (like yours truly). How any Jewish political appointee can still work for this administration when it refuses to condemn Nazis escapes me. They need to be asked this question. Until then, the local Jewish community needs to shun them. This is a matter of existential survival.
  4. One thing to keep in mind regarding the specific racists in Charlottesville: they hate Jews. While Il Trumpe has used white supremacy to gain political power, anti-Semitism is as central, if not more so, as racism to Neo-Nazis (apparently, we give the other mud people their marching orders or something).
  5. The Charlottesville police did a poor job of containing this. I bring this up not to crap on the Charlottesville PD (who tragically lost two officers yesterday), but, when these racist assemblies move away from major cities, which have the manpower and experience to handle these events, they will be far more dangerous and violent.
  6. If anti-racist activists showed up with their own heavily armed militia (some of whom, of course, wouldn’t be white), I suspected they would be arrested immediately.
  7. To ignore the long history of Republicans playing footsie with racists is to ignore how we got here.
  8. Yesterday, a Third Way Democratic jackass tweeted about how “Bernie Bros” need to “make a show of force” about progressive values. Given that the woman murdered yesterday by Nazis was a Sanders supporter and an organizer for the IWW (which is a socialist organization)–it’s safe to say that rarely has a tweet aged so rapidly and so poorly. Look, I’m not a socialist (no idea if Heyer was either), but they do show up and put their bodies on the line. Maybe we should respect our allies. If nothing else, they don’t view me as subhuman or what’s wrong with America.
  9. The Trump Administration line–and probably that of many conservatives–is to use the dogwhistle approach and decry “hate” as opposed to calling out Nazis and Klansmen. Watch for this.
  10. Now would be an excellent time for Democrats to propose a censure motion of Trump for refusing to criticize Nazis–who killed hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers. Put Republicans on the spot: either they have to antagonize the racists within their base, or Democrats can run ads calling them Nazi sympathizers. Given that the event that started all of this was the political decision to remove Civil War ‘hero’ monuments, this is obviously a political problem requiring a political response. It’s already ‘politicized.’ And no, after decades of winking at racists, they don’t get points for acting human this one time.
  11. There are lots of good Charlottesville organizations doing good work. Also, the NAACP and other anti-racism organizations can always use the help. Go support some of them.


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2 Responses to Some Thoughts On Charlottesville

  1. sglover says:

    Heyer was a DSA member. Also IWW — not sure how you even go about joining them, but she did.

    Probably everyone who comes here already knows about it, but there’s a GoFundMe page to cover medical expenses of those injured by Nazi thugs:

    Dem centrists will have to suck it up, as the page is a project of soclalists, You know, the kind of people who were actually there, while believing Dems were busy crafting clever comparisons between fascism and Bernie Sanders supporters. And yeah, it’s a gratuitous dig. So what? They deserve it. I thought point #8 was about that fabulous Clintonite remora Neera Tanden, who (naturally) hadda put out a tweet along similar lines.

  2. sglover says:

    About Trump’s “presidential” message — what is there to say? That shitstain is simply beyond parody. We’re all passengers on a bus driven by mentally ill child.

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