Links 8/12/17

Links for you. Science:

Trust in science spiked after media coverage of Zika vaccine trial
The cruel sham that is “right-to-try” is one big step closer to being federal law
MentaLiST – A fast MLST caller for large wgMLST schemes
The opioid epidemic could kill as many as 650,000 people in the next decade. Here’s how it got so bad
Bizarro Life-Forms Inhabiting Deep-Sea Vents May Be at Risk


Better, But Never Good (things would get better if we were to deficit spend though)
The Trump administration is taking the reins off low-wage employers. It’s a stark reversal from the Obama years.
Cynthia Nixon Is Reportedly Weighing A Big Role: New York Governor
This defunct dry dock could be the city’s next great park
What The Washington Post Gets Wrong About Opioids
You’d have to be crazy not to love Los Saicos, proto-punks from 1960s Peru
Dehumanization by Deification: On Kamala Harris and “Black Women Will Save Us” (incredibly jargon-laden, but the points, once you bull through the lingo, are interesting)
I’m still processing experience of witnessing the movement being actively undermined by political establishment in 2015-2016 (Bree Newsome isn’t happy)
The political crisis we are facing is simple. American commerce, law, finance, and politics is organized around cheating people.
Those throngs of applicants for Amazon warehouse jobs are sending a troubling signal about the job market
Lawbreakers or just really lucky? Mass. has more repeat lottery winners than any other state
This Trump real estate deal looks awfully like criminal tax fraud (he’s obviously not as wealthy as he claims–this is such penny-ante stuff for rich people)
NTSB: Speed Kills, and We’re Not Doing Enough to Stop It
Rise of the machines
So, about this Googler’s manifesto.
Dean Heller’s Reward for Caving to Trump on Health Care? $1 Million From Mitch McConnell.
Why the Right-Wing War on George Soros Matters
The Policies of White Resentment
Innocence Is Irrelevant
The Walls We Won’t Tear Down

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  1. Vickie Feminist says:

    Did the air conditioning in Dupont Circle Metro get fixed?
    Is there going to be a new union for Metro riders? And finally is anybody complaining about the crowding on the trains? Or are we supposed to be grateful that they are running at all?

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