Yes, AG Jeff Sessions Is Making Voting Harder. Now What?

If you hadn’t heard yet, Evil Keebler Elf and Guy Too Racist To Be a Judge in 1986 Attorney General Jeff Sessions has decided that the Justice Department will reverse course and oppose a lawsuit that wants to end the purge Ohio voters from voting rolls if they haven’t voted recently (the Obama administration supported the suit). Mother Jones:

The Justice Department released an amicus brief in the case, currently before the Supreme Court, over whether Ohio can continue to remove “infrequent voters” who fail to cast a ballot over a six-year period. One of those voters, Larry Harmon, is a lead plaintiff in the lawsuit brought by Demos and the ACLU of Ohio. The 60-year-old software engineer and Navy veteran voted in 2008 and then returned to the polls for a local referendum in 2015, only to find that he was no longer registered, even though he hadn’t moved or done anything else to change his status.

Yes, this is awful. But, with fifteen months left to go before the Congressional general election, do professional Democrats have a backup plan? And, no, offering yet another excuse for failure while claiming to “fight [and lose] for you” isn’t a plan. Is anyone at the DNC, DCCC, or DSCC even thinking about this, or are they, at this late hour, still only concerned with ‘purity tests’ (that is, opposing primary candidates who want single payer)?

Maybe there’s a Democratic-aligned organization mobilizing to deal with the possible aftermath?

A competent political party would have a backup plan.

And the congregation responds: This is yet another reason why we can’t have nice things.

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3 Responses to Yes, AG Jeff Sessions Is Making Voting Harder. Now What?

  1. Net Denizen says:

    Yes!!! I’ve asked a few people I know who are hardcore Democrats — like actual party organizers at some level — and I have literally only gotten silence. They all want to celebrate the latest slogan or talk about how the republican party is imploding, but they don’t want to admit that they’ve failed voters for the last 20+ years, at a minimum going back to the Florida voter purges which in part gave us GW Bush. A competent political party would stop waiting for the republicans to fuck up so badly people can’t help but vote Democrat, but here we are….

  2. What are you doing about it? Are you volunteering? Joining organizations? Figuring out which organizations are targeting this and helping them or spreading the word? Registering people to vote? Calling politicians? Working with vote riders? Donating? Anything? If you don’t like what the DNC is doing, you can join them to make change within or you can join Indivisible or any number of organizations that aren’t the DNC. Of course, if you’re just going to complain about what they’re doing without actually doing any of the work, they’re probably better off without your “help”.

  3. sglover says:

    @nicoleandmaggie — that is an awesome response. You have given the lab-grade, sealed-in-amber specimen of The Believing Democrat Mind: Foolish citizen, don’t you know your place? How utterly impertinent of you, questioning Our Leaders!!

    And at this point, I sincerely encourage you to keep at it. I think Dems should unite behind the oh-so-talented Pelosi & Schumer, and mercilessly criticize anyone who doubts their genius. Ridicule and smear everyone who doesn’t live on the coasts. Keep this up, so that the traveling nutcase ward that is the Republican Party can completely sweep the 2018 midterms — and, please God, finally put the Democratic “Party” out of its misery. Then, maybe, a genuine Left Populist party might emerge.

    Only the joke called the Democratic “Party” could have lost to the casino huckster. It needs to go. **Anything** that puts an end to the Democratic “Party” is a good thing, now. Please please please. nicoleandmaggie, keep on “helping”!!!

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