My Proposed Democratic Slogan For 2018

I’m really not kidding about this:


First, this has the advantage of being funny and shocking–it’s so different from the usual campaign pablum (A Better Deal, Better Together, Brush Your Teeth, Have A Nice Day…). People will remember it. Who knows? Maybe some comedians will pick it up as well, or it will go viral (‘A Better Deal’ sure as hell won’t).

Second, it reminds people of all of the bad things Republicans have done, especially their assaults on healthcare and Social Security. At the same time, it allows Democrats to say, “Republicans have done awful thing X. We will do good thing anti-X.” It also avoids having to argue that your policies are AWESOME, just that they won’t kill you.

Finally, it will piss conservative commentators off. Not only should we enjoy that for its own sake*, but they will respond–which will only draw more attention to the slogan.

By the way, if liberal-leftish groups like Blue America (whose slogan should be ‘putting the Democrat back into the Democratic Party’) wanted to steal this slogan, and use it for fundraising, I wouldn’t stop them. Just saying.

(not worried about the Democratic Party stealing this, because they’re too gormless and stupid to do so.)

*When they go low, kick them in the head because their heads are close to ground level, and you can get a really good runup.

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3 Responses to My Proposed Democratic Slogan For 2018

  1. someone says:

    Nowadays whenever I think of left wing politics I think of the country praised by Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore and Jeremy Corbyn, Venezuela. I’m wondering how the people there think about this whole living thing?

  2. As I’m sure you know, this was one of Arnie’s lines in Terminator 2 (and Michael Biehn’s in the first film). I wonder what retired Governor Schwarzenegger would think of it. Publicly he might feel obligated to act annoyed, but privately I think it might raise a wry smile.

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