Links 8/7/17

Links for you. Science:

Against All Odds, England’s Massive Chalk Horse Has Survived 3,000 Years
At EPA museum, history might be in for a change
Fighting Lyme disease: In R.I., a dose of antibiotic without a prescription
The great Brexit brain drain
NASA’s Mars Program Is As Sad As It’s Ever Been


Tenants Under Siege: Inside New York City’s Housing Crisis (absolute, must-read; “I put up with these streets when you had to be half-crazy to go out to the bodega for a quart of milk after dark,” said S. “I got rid of a rat infestation four years ago myself.” She and other tenants once pooled money to install a new hot water heater when the old one broke down. “We watched over this street, we cleaned it up. Why should we have to leave?”)
Foxconn cashes in for $3 billion plus – analysis
Heritage On Health, 1989
Trustbusters: The one economic proposal in the Democratic “Better Deal” platform that could actually change the world (well, $15/hour minimum wage would be pretty changey too!)
If Democrats Are Going to Win Back the House, They Need to Get Their Act Together in California
New Study Says Florida Traffic Cops Are Biased—But Only a Little Bit (the key point is that there are a subset of cops who are very racist, driving a slight bias)
Hackers descend on Las Vegas to expose voting machine flaws
White Economic Privilege Is Alive and Well
On Kevin Myers and pub bore journalism
The Democratic Party’s deep state. Not the politicians, not the consultants, but BigLaw. That’s where power lives.
Being rich wrecks your soul. We used to know that.
Will The DCCC Preference For Filthy Corrupt Blue Dogs Prevent A 2018 House Takeover?
The Washington Post just illustrated the biggest flaw in disability coverage
A More progressive Democratic Party In Rahm’s Chicago? Why Not!
It All Begins with the People in the Streets
What Trump Doesn’t Understand About Politics and the Military
School segregation increases as communities secede from school districts to create wealthier ones
‘A Better Deal’ Sounds Nice, but Democrats Must Get Specific
Watch an audience erupt as an anti-ACA conservative admits she’s still on her parents’ insurance

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