Links 8/2/17

Links for you. Science:

We’ve screwed up the coasts so badly that an invasive species is a plus
England’s Mental Health Experiment: No-Cost Talk Therapy
It’s High Time for Ticks, Which Are Spreading Diseases Farther
Microneedle patch for flu vaccine
Whatever You Do, Do Not Take Your Eye Off Trump’s War on Science


Trump Is Wasting Time We Desperately Need to Solve Major Problems (conservatives have been doing this for 25 years though…)
These Swedish Nazis Trained In Russia Before Bombing A Center For Asylum Seekers (and is this happening in the U.S.?)
Progressives Actually Like Democrats’ New Message
‘It’s grilling time’: Five women line up to challenge Rep. Brat
Buying a home in the Washington region is especially hard if you’re physically disabled
My son’s death, like tens of thousands of others, could have been prevented under the Affordable Care Act, so why are Republican senators still pushing to dismantle it?
Finally, White People are Outraged about Police Violence
What it’s like to watch the Senate debate whether your life is as valuable as a tax cut for Trump
Alt-right activists say Trump and Bannon are giving them “space to destroy” by keeping FBI away
The Invisible Segregation of Diverse Neighborhoods
Nobody Cares About the Discourse
Appeals Court Blocks D.C.’s ‘Good Reason’ Handgun Law
Undocumented suspensions persisted in D.C. schools despite repeated alerts
Trump Finds Reason for the U.S. to Remain in Afghanistan: Minerals (‘kick their ass and take their gas!’)
The Real Civil War in the Democratic Party (title and setup notwithstanding, some very good points about democratizing the Democratic Party)
Awkward Dinner Conversations
‘Giving up wasn’t an option’: How one man beat the odds to graduate from college
Coast Guard Reverses Course, Says Potomac River Will Be Accessible To Paddlers During Trump’s Golf Outings

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