‘Antiwhite Bias’: Careful What You Wish For…

This week, Il Trumpe and racist Keebler Elf/Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced they’re going to investigate the scourge of discrimination against white people in college admissions (and the NY Times beclowned itself by referring to this as “antiwhite bias” in the print edition). For the record, I’m a strong supporter of affirmative action (we’ll get into why I don’t use the phrase ‘diversity’ in a bit). When this is all said and done, I think nobody is going to be happy with this:

  1. New Democrat-ish types are going to twist themselves into pretzels trying to find that sweet spot between decrying this initiative while simultaneously opposing affirmative action.
  2. People who like using the milquetoast phrase ‘diversity’ are going to have to defend affirmative action. Which is a good thing! Nothing wrong with a less homogeneous campus (though economic homogeneity at selective colleges is often rather scarce on the ground). But the goal of affirmative action is to rectify past and current injustices (discrimination, inadequate resources, wealth discrepancies, and so on). That’s worth noting–and defending.
  3. White nationalists are going to run into the buzzsaw of themselves being a protected category. That is, compared to Asian-Americans. Don’t know if the white nationalist ego, as fragile as it is, can handle that…
  4. Paging Jared Kushner. Of course, the elephant in the room (and not these awesome elephants) is that legacies and the offspring of wealthy donors also get huge admissions advantages. A lot of conservatives like this (along with some non-conservatives). To them it’s fair (the parents earned it, after all).

If Trump’s political appointees at the Justice Department think they can stop these other issues from being raised, one way or another, I think they’ll be in for a hard lesson.

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