They Still Are Who We Said They Were

The good, if not great, news is that the Republicans’ efforts to damage the ACA–which is to say, immiserate millions and kill thousands of their fellow citizens every year–have stalled for now (though keep an eye on the Trump administration’s efforts to weaken it through executive action–this is what narcissists do). But it’s worth remembering a prediction some asshole with a blog made about all of this:

The number is ninety.

Even if enough Republicans eventually join with Democrats to stop the Republican healthcare tax cuts for the wealthy plan, it still means that at least ninety percent of Republican senators want to needlessly kill thousands of Americans every year, so the wealthiest among us can get a tax cut.

They are who we Dirty Fucking Hippies said they were. Never forget that.

Well, we were wrong: it was ninety-four percent of Republican senators. There needs to be a price for this vote–no bipartisan noises please from Democrats either.

(While we’re on the subject of Democrats, they did manage to hold the caucus together, in no small part due to Sen. Hirono, who voted while having stage four cancer–that is, while she’s dying.)

Anyway, celebrate today–we get a day–by making a bunch of Bannon and Scaramucci dick jokes.

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  1. rturpin says:

    Interestingly, that’s 98% of male Republican senators, and 60% of female Republican senators.

    The usual caveats apply, about statistics and especially when dealing with small numbers.

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