Links 7/28/17

Links for you. Science:

This little-known research program Trump wants to cut is where the future is made
If You’ve Ever Had Lyme Disease, Blame the Anti-Vaxxers
Why These Dolphins Behead Their Prey
New C.D.C. Chief Saw Coca-Cola as Ally in Obesity Fight
‘Objects of Wonder’ at National Museum of Natural History


When “Miracle” Charter Schools Shed Students
Why Republicans Cannot Replace the ACA, Or Accomplish Anything Else
North Dakota’s Norway Experiment
Chicago SlutWalk Bans ‘Zionist Symbols’ — Just Like Dyke March
Alex Jones and Other Conservatives Call for Civil War Against Liberals
The Money-Man Behind The Alt-Right (worth noting, he’s not only racist, but also a classic anti-Semite)
Let’s Get Excited About Maintenance!
The Washington Post’s War on Disability Programs Continues
The Millennials are the American Earthquake
Serving the People: Our organizing can’t just speak to the everyday crises of people’s lives under capitalism. It has to intervene in them. (the Democratic Party should organize and fund a couple of those ‘healthcare fairs’)
Why the Democrats Will Not Take Back Congress Next Year
Universal health care would save $17 trillion
The clock may have just run out on the White House press corps
For Republicans, fear and loathing is a winning message
Washington Post Shoots for Pulitzer in Fake News With Reporting on Disability
Lessons on Labor Economics for the Owner of a Roofing Company in Nebraska
Bernie Sanders needs a protégé

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