Links 6/15/17

Links for you. Science:

Collecting Biosamples for Research Is Important. So Are the People From Whom They Are Taken.
Scientists Praise Energy Innovation Office Trump Wants to Shut Down
Resistance to last-ditch antibiotic has spread farther than anticipated
When flatworms go to space, they grow two heads
The NIH’s “Rule of 21” — Part 1


Why Segregated Neighborhoods Persist
How Britain voted in 2017
Wise up
Inside the Algorithm That Tries to Predict Gun Violence in Chicago
Code of Silence
Trump Is Crazy Enough to Fire the Special Prosecutor
The Fed’s Big Mistake: Rate Hikes Hurt US Workers (it’s bad policy, though it’s nice to see Republicans getting shafted by this for once)
The Persistence of Prog Rock
My Lawyers Got Trump to Admit 30 Lies Under Oath
60% of Americans Disapprove of Trump. What Are Republicans Waiting For?
Profiting off pain: Trump confidant cashed in on housing crisis
Trump’s Tweets Must Now Be Taken Seriously
Right-wing talk radio is still popular — but as a business model, it’s melting down (the Mighty Conservative Wurlitzer is getting a little beat up)
It’s Time To Recognize What Many Mass Murderers Share In Common
I’ve tried pointing this out for years now. Can’t do a regression and declare, oh, “it’s race” when two are linked
The primary reason twitter works so hard to protect racists and meninists and such is cuz their bot counts are staggering (seriously, this is hilarious)

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