The Derp State: Erdogan’s Goons Humiliate The U.S.

Tuesday, Turkish security forces loyal to President Erdogan launched an invasion into U.S. federal park regions in order to beat and harass opposition-aligned dissidents.

Well, that’s how the headlines should read.

If you haven’t heard, on Tuesday, protestors outside of the Turkish ambassador’s residence at Sheridan Circle* (D.C.) were attacked by President Erdogan’s bodyguards. There has been good coverage of this, so you can catch up.

A couple points. First, this isn’t a case of people shoving after getting in each other’s faces; they were separated by traffic. Second, when you look at the videos, this was clearly an aggressive, offensive, and not defensive, act: after the police waded in, Erdogan’s thugs attempted to evade the police to beat protestors, including those who were already down and injured.

This is a humiliation. If Il Trumpe were half the man he thinks he is, every single one of those bodyguards would have their diplomatic privileges revoked–permanently–and then be expelled. A real president would personally see to this: you’re meeting with the president of Turkey, you tell him they’re being expelled**. It shows a complete lack of pride in one’s country. To have peaceful protestors beaten in the nation’s capital by agents of a foreign power is galling and needs to be meet forcefully.

America First, my ass.

*Sheridan Circle, like many of the circles, including Dupont Circle, and small parks in D.C., is a national park.

**Given that Trump right now looks like a weak buffoon, one would think this kind of posturing would help his political fortunes, even if only in the short term. They are very stupid people.

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