The Republican Id Is Visible Down Ballot: The Montana Voting Edition

Looks like a Montanan Republican official wrote something he shouldn’t have (boldface mine):

The head of the Montana Republican Party wrote an emergency plea this week warning that legislation allowing residents to cast mail-in ballots would benefit Democrats and make it more difficult for the GOP to maintain control of state politics.

At issue is legislation introduced by Montana state Sen. Steve Fitzpatrick (R) that would allow Montanans to cast mail-in ballots in a special election later this year to fill the U.S. House seat vacated by Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.), whom President Donald Trump tapped to lead the Interior Department. Fitzpatrick introduced the bill to save the state $500,000 by not requiring election judges and other officials to be hired on short notice, he told The Associated Press.

But the legislation prompted Jeff Essmann, the chair of the Montana GOP, to send Republicans an “emergency report” email on Tuesday, warning that making it easier to vote would benefit Democrats.

“All mail ballots give the Democrats an inherent advantage in close elections due to their ability to organize large numbers of unpaid college students and members of public employee unions to gather ballots by going door to door,” Essmann wrote. “Vote-by-mail is designed to increase participation rates of lower propensity voters. Democrats in Montana perform better than Republican candidates among lower propensity voters and Republicans do better among higher propensity voters.”

As states across the country debate voting measures, Essmann’s email provides a remarkably candid glimpse of a Republican official opposing a measure to make it easier to vote on the grounds it would harm his party politically….

They may be well intended, but this bill could be death of our effort to make Montana a reliably Republican state,” he wrote. “It is my job to remind us all of the long term strategic advantage that passage of this bill would provide to our Democrat opponents for control of our legislature and our statewide elected positions.”

Faced with his breathtaking cynicism, he decided to go full Il Trumpe and claim Democrats would intercept Republican ballots (somehow). A shot of cynicism, followed by a chaser of batshitloonitarianism.

Of course, I’m sure this is an isolated incident and has nothing to do with other Republican efforts to disenfranchise likely Democratic voters, such as those in D.C. who live under a regime of extreme taxation without representation.

Wait, what’s that supposed Republican ‘moderate’ John Kasich?

…because you know what, what it really gets down to if you want to be honest is because they know that’s just more votes in the Democratic Party.

This is who they are. This is what they do. As bad as Democrats can be, they don’t have a party-wide program of restricting the vote to the ‘right kind’ of voters.

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