Some Thoughts On Il Trumpe’s Speech

In no particular order:

  1. In many ways, this was just a typical Republican speech: use Democratic language to push Republican goals. Except for…
  2. …VOICE, which is supposed to focus on crime by illegal immigrants. This is no different than what Hitler did in the early 1930s with the Nazi Institute for Research on the Jewish Question keeping files on “crimes committed by Jews.” Speaking of Jews…
  3. The same day pundits give him kudos for successfully completing a big boy speech, he insinuated that bombing threats and desecration of Jewish graves was a false-flag operation. Our pundits have learned nothing.
  4. All of the pundits claiming Trump’s misuse of a bereaved mother’s grief was ‘a moment’ are the same shitheads who apparently missed the pain of the heartland. Pleased to shut the fuck up now.
  5. About the previous topic: 1) his father wants an investigation; 2) it’s vile.
  6. Ultimately, State of the Union like addresses don’t matter. Keep the pressure on, especially regarding healthcare.
  7. Beshear was effective, even if he wasn’t targeting most of this blog’s readers. As I noted throughout the election, working class voters, including white ones, were an essential part of the Obama coalition, accounting for 25 – 33% of Obama’s vote–Democrats need to win enough of them (and this was obvious before 2016). To the extent it mattered at all, it seemed effective.
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