At Least One Democrat Knows How To Fight

While no politician is perfect–not by a long shot–I always did like Texas Rep. Lloyd Doggett (boldface mine):

Says Texas Rep. Lloyd Doggett: “I think it’s an important message we are sending to Mr. Trump, that you will get no cooperation if you provide no cooperation. You will get no respect if you provide no respect.”

…But even though Bush lost the popular vote and assumed the presidency thanks to a Supreme Court ruling, most Democrats refrained from questioning his legitimacy and instead worked to shore up popular faith in our democracy. The attitude then, says Doggett, was, “Let’s honor this peaceful transition in our democracy. That’s important even though it came about in a very unjust way.”

But Democrats feel that their good faith wasn’t repaid and are increasingly unwilling to remain bound by political manners that their opponents refuse to heed. They have finally realized that, faced with an opposition with a limitless will to power, they cannot preserve collegial bipartisan processes alone. “Now we have that experience behind us,” Doggett says of the Bush years. “We have to look at what a terrible price we have paid for having George W. Bush instead of Al Gore as president. Now, as we consider an even more outrageous Republican president, given that experience, I think it’s essential that we use every nonviolent way that we can of resisting Trumpism.”

Knuckling under on Trump’s cabinet appointees, however, probably isn’t the way to do this though…

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