Links 1/12/17

Links for you. Science:

An Ancient Toy Could Improve Health Care in the Developing World
A supplement maker tried to silence this Harvard doctor — and put academic freedom on trial
Illumina Unveils HiSeq Successor NovaSeq
Human-Driven Global Warming Is Biggest Threat to Polar Bears, Report Says
Photos: When a Pro Catches a Cooper’s Hawk in Action


Eagle Scout, Loving Husband, Outsider, Racist Vote Suppressor
Decolonizing Obama
The Correspondent Who Scooped the World
The Trump team’s embarrassing defense of fraudulence
Insomnia, Marriage, Writing, Returns on Investment, and Gratitude
Trump Pick Monica Crowley Plagiarized Parts of Her Ph.D. Dissertation
Congressman plans to block D.C. law to let terminally ill patients end their lives
Warning: Abortion’s Deadly DIY Past Could Soon Become Its Future
Gizmodo union slams executives for off-record meeting with Trump
What Jeff Sessions’s Role in Prosecuting the Klan Reveals About His Civil-Rights Record
I’m from Texas, and Your “Liberal Bubble” Argument is Ridiculous
Charming Portraits of Hong Kong’s Shop Cats
4 pieces of evidence showing FBI Director James Comey cost Clinton the election
Many condo buildings east of the Anacostia are in trouble. Here’s why, and what can be done. (this is becoming a problem everywhere)
D.C. to pay $1 million to settle families’ claims for homes taken by tax-lien program
The Number of Librarians in Philly Continues to Dwindle (not just a problem for Philly’s school)

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3 Responses to Links 1/12/17

  1. jrkrideau says:

    The USA seems to be marching resolutely into the 19th C .

  2. Chris Hill says:

    It’s a Red-tailed Hawk, not a Cooper’s Hawk.

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