Links 12/15/16

Links for you. Science:

Natural Escherichia coli isolates rapidly acquire genetic changes upon laboratory domestication
A virus, fished out of a lake, may have saved a man’s life — and advanced science
Giraffes, Towering and Otherworldly, Are ‘Vulnerable’ to Extinction
Giraffe Now Listed As ‘Vulnerable’ To Extinction As Population Plummets
The Origins of Dogs


Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America
Georgia Says Someone in U.S. Government Tried to Hack State’s Computers Housing Voter Data
Disagreeing With Paul Krugman: His Friends Probably Do Vote Against the Interest of the Working Class (White and Other)
Forget Big Brother. Fear Little Brother. This is who he is. (we can fear both, thank you)
Democrats Should Fight All of Trump’s Nominees. Yes, All of Them.
Tiny, Magical Shops For Mice Are Popping Up In Sweden
Donald Trump Is Just Another Handmaiden to Capital
Why Hillary Clinton Will Lose This Election
Trump Just Told the Fight for $15 to Go Screw Itself
America’s Huge Blind Spot — And How It Could Cost Us Our Freedom
5 Practical Principles to Guide Our Work Under Trump (#1 is worth noting)
Bernie Sanders shows how to win over Trump voters in real-time
The Standards for a Non-Profit University.
Public Spaces That Aren’t
Perl Harbor*
These charts showing what Republican voters believe about the 2016 election are depressing — and telling

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One Response to Links 12/15/16

  1. sglover says:

    So that “Perl Harbor” link gives us the double gift of deferring to “secret assessments” from the CIA (!), **and** blunderbus accusations of “treason” (!!) against you-know-who. My only disappointment is that they haven’t followed up with this week’s fad, hyperventilating about an “act of war”.

    You’re really gonna pass this hysterical tripe on? This is “liberalism”?!?!? It’s no wonder believing Dems get played by their own “leaders” time after time after time. They love it. In that they’re no different from the right-wing yokels whom they love to bash and laugh at. Fuck that and fuck them….

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